Discrete Math Workshop

July 26-29, 2021

Discrete Mathematics can help us engage our students in applying mathematical concepts to real-world, authentic contexts.  The course material can motivate students to be active problem-solvers and build their strengths in mathematical reasoning and justification.  

Synchronous Workshop Hours (through Zoom): 10:00-11:30 AM and 2:00-3:30 PM from 7/26 through 7/29.  

Asynchronous Work:  Some work will be done outside of the synchronous meetings.  

For More Information:  Feel free to email Tamar Avineri at avineri@ncssm.edu or Ashley Loftis at ashley.loftis@ncssm.edu.

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Classroom Activities

We will engage in activities that you can use right in the classroom and include applications to a variety of real world problems. Topics will include graph theory (e.g., critical path analysis, graph coloring), matrix applications (e.g., Markov chains and the Leslie Model), and logic and set theory (e.g., truth tables, constructing logical arguments, problem-solving using sets). 

Pedagogical Strategies

With a focus on amplifying student voice, we will explore strategies that foster and promote student growth in the areas of problem-solving, reasoning and sense-making, communication, and collaboration. In this workshop, we will engage in and reflect on the teaching strategies with support from colleagues.

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