The Department of Mathematics at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics offers students the opportunity to build a solid understanding in mathematics in applied and theoretical courses that focus on concepts, applications, and the use of technology.  Students may continue their studies in advanced courses or sponsored research that expand the breadth and depth of their understanding and help them to recognize the many uses of mathematics in other areas of study.

Graduation Requirement in Mathematics

Each student must successfully complete three units of core mathematics for graduation credit. Unless a student is placed in a higher level of mathematics upon entry to NCSSM, two units must be in MA4000/MA4002: Precalculus and Modeling w/ Advanced Topics.


Junior students are placed in the course best suited for them as determined by the Mathematics Department based on placement tests and previous coursework. Typical course placements for incoming juniors are Precalculus or Calculus. Some incoming juniors will also select courses from among our other varied course offerings.

Here are guidelines for the placement test for the incoming class: Placement Guidelines 

Placement of senior students is determined by their performance in the mathematics courses they complete as juniors and instructor recommendation. The department recognizes the individual differences that need to be considered as students are placed in senior level courses.

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