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Below you will find short videos describing each of the courses offered by the mathematics department. Please note that the instructors for each course vary from year to year. While the instructor featured in the video may not be currently teaching the course, all of our course offerings are aligned with our collaboratively established department beliefs.

Calculus-Related Courses


We offer Precalculus I/II as a yearlong course. A video with more information is coming soon...


A one semester introduction to calculus with biology applications.


We offer both Calculus Ia/Ib and Calculus I/II as yearlong courses. A video with more information is coming soon...

Modeling with Differential Equations

Learn more techniques for solving differential equations with some linear algebra topics and a focus on modeling.

Multivariable Calculus

Extend the major calculus concepts to higher dimension spaces.

Numerical Analysis

Explore the mathematics of approximation with technology as you combine calculus ideas and programming.

Statistics & Data Science Courses

AP Statistics

We offer a yearlong AP Statistics course that emphasizes mathematical modeling.

Foundations of Data Science

An introduction to data science techniques which includes an introduction to programming.

Advanced Data Science

Build on the skills developed in Foundations of Data Science to learn additional data science and programming techniques.

Applied Math Courses


Learn to make and break codes while also getting an introduction to programming.

Topics in Civic Math

Apply mathematics in a variety of fields, especially those that relate to the concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society.

Math Modeling

While mathematical modeling is threaded throughout our curriculum, this course focuses on developing mathematical modeling practices.

Complex Systems and Networks

Learn about characteristics of chaotic and emergent behavior, and about the mathematics of social networks. 

Pure Math & Research Courses

Combinatorics & Game Theory

Combinatorics is can be thought of as the mathematics of counting and arrangements. In addition to exploring these topics, we take a look at zero sum and non-zero sum games.

Topics in Theoretical Math

Apply proof techniques in a variety of abstract mathematics fields.

Graph Theory with REX Math

An introduction to formal mathematical proofs and research in mathematics in the field of graph theory.

Research in Math

An opportunity to apply proof writing techniques to explore an open problem in mathematics.

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