Department Beliefs

We believe we should provide a dynamic mathematics curriculum with a focus on mathematical modeling recognizing that:

  • Continual evaluation of our program will provide unique, accessible, and relevant course offerings.

  • Our curriculum and pedagogy will be shaped by the strengths and challenges of the diverse learning environments in which they are offered while reflecting the core values of our department.

  • Technology, when used appropriately, enhances student learning.

We believe all students, regardless of previous mathematical background, are capable of being successful in challenging mathematics coursework, supported by:

  • Offering a breadth of courses that speak to a variety of student interests.

  • Removing barriers that hinder students from access to preferred coursework.

  • Establishing appropriate placement and prerequisites to respect students’ background while maintaining high standards.

  • Encouraging students to pursue challenges and interests.

  • Identifying and addressing inequities in URM student experiences.

We believe in cultivating a respectful and professional environment in which:

  • Teachers reflect on their practices and seek out opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Support and encouragement for growth are provided.

  • Collaboration and diversity are valued and encouraged.

  • Teachers’ workload and autonomy are respected.

We believe that as our students seek to reach their goals, our academic opportunities should empower and inspire them by:

  • Providing choice for students at all levels.

  • Including innovative, relevant problems, courses, and pedagogy.

We believe in fostering a student-centered learning environment in which all student voices are valued. This environment should:

  • Provide opportunities for students to explore their own ideas, persevere, gain confidence, and build positive math identity.

  • Invite students to share responsibility for their learning and build independence.

  • Create opportunities for students to explore math and think creatively.

  • Encourage students to develop mathematical language and communicate their understanding.

We believe in harnessing the power of community and collaboration by:

  • Providing opportunities for collaboration among faculty within our department, across departments, and beyond NCSSM.

  • Creating a welcoming classroom environment that fosters a community of learners.

  • Providing opportunities for collaboration among students in and out of the classroom.

  • Serving as leaders in the NCSSM community and the broader math education community.

  • Demonstrating enthusiasm and passion for mathematics.