Contemporary Precalculus Through Applications

The first edition of this textbook was developed with funding from the Carnegie Corporation

of New York and the National Science Foundation back in the early 1990s. New topics, investigations, and problems of this edition were developed for our students and were often shared with other teachers through our newsletter, Teaching Contemporary Secondary Mathematics (sound familiar? Maybe you've heard of our Teaching Contemporary Mathematics Conference: 

A number of colleagues in the NCSSM Math department, past and present, gave us incredible support and help throughout the revision process over the years. A very special thank you to all the current members of the NCSSM Mathematics Department for all their work reading, revising, testing, and providing feedback as we took on this project in addition to our usual workload. This was a labor of love and the success belongs to all of us. Additional thanks go to Julie Graves and Maria Hernandez for their work revising and piloting the revisions, even through their retirement years.

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