Professional Development and Outreach Initiatives

Teaching Contemporary Mathematics (TCM) Conference

The Teaching Contemporary Mathematics (TCM) Conference is our annual event featuring presentations from NCSSM Faculty and other leaders in Math Education from across the country.

For over three decades, the TCM Conference has been the nation’s premier annual event for high school and college math instructors to exchange innovative approaches to teaching and learning and to find inspiration in their fellow teachers’ original thinking and creative practices. Our conference attendees come from traditional public schools, charter schools, independent schools, community colleges, and universities across North Carolina and the United States, and beyond.

The conference is primarily focused on mathematical concepts and courses that advanced high school students and college students study. Sessions and events are tailored to Precalculus, AP Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, AP Statistics, Finite Math, and Mathematical Modeling. Many sessions also include activities and teaching approaches that are relevant to Math II, Math III, and advanced algebra courses.