Jason Joseph

Jason joined NCSSM-Morganton as an Instructor of Mathematics in July, 2023. After completing his undergraduate degree at Bates College, he taught at Manchester Central High School in his home state of New Hampshire. He continued to teach while earning his PhD at the University of Georgia, where he was able to spend a year visiting at the Max Planck Institute of Mathematics. After that he moved to Houston, Texas where he taught and did research as a postdoctoral instructor at Rice University. Jason has taught a variety of courses, from precalculus to linear algebra and topology. He has also mentored students at Camp Euclid and the Directed Reading Programs at Rice and UGA. He especially enjoys knot theory and connections with algebra and other fields. To unwind, Jason enjoys lifting, running, and biking. He also loves hiking with his three dogs and partner Hannah, as well as listening to music and grilling on the porch.

B.S., Mathematics, Bates College

M.S., Mathematics, University of Georgia

Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Georgia