About the Department

The NCSSM Mathematics Department believes that mathematics should be taught in a way that shows students that mathematical concepts are logical and understandable, that students benefit greatly from tackling non-standard problems, particularly modeling problems and real-world applications, and that it is important for students to learn to communicate about mathematics effectively. To graduate from NCSSM, all students must take at least three semesters of mathematics courses, and they must at least complete Precalculus. Most students complete a full year of calculus or statistics beyond this requirement, and many complete additional upper-level courses.

The NCSSM Mathematics Department is also very involved outside the classroom, sponsoring student participation in various mathematics contests (even some undergraduate-level contests), as well as staying involved in the greater mathematics education community. Among many other professional development activities is our annual Teaching Contemporary Mathematics conference, a two-day event held each year in February at NCSSM. 

Mathematics at NCSSM