Kevin Ji

Originally from Durham, Kevin Ji joined the NCSSM faculty in August 2020. He brought with him seven years of teaching experience in Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area, during which time he taught a range of courses from Algebra I to AP Statistics, and advised various student-led math clubs and Asian student organizations. Kevin has spent summers growing a variety of personal and professional interests, including time at the Park City Math Institute (PCMI) focused on math teaching and research, participation in a summer workshop centered around Chinese immigration and the Chinese Exclusion Act hosted by the Museum of Chinese in America, and serving as a cooking instructor for elementary school age kids in the Bay Area. Kevin earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and public policy from UNC-Chapel Hill and a master's degree in education from American University. In his spare time, Kevin loves playing sports of any kind (favorites include basketball and soccer, and recently indoor rock climbing) and cooking -- especially Chinese dishes.

What is something you enjoy about teaching at NCSSM?

"Honestly, I love that we have blackboards in our math classrooms. Oh, and the students are great too. :)"

Mr. Ji's Math Fun Fact

I still remember the first time I cut a Mobius strip in half (along its length, not its width) and would say anyone reading this should make one and try it right now if you never have. For more fun, you can also cut whatever you end up with in half again the same way and end up with something extra punchy.