Hannah Schwartz

Hannah is thrilled to be an instructor of mathematics at NCSSM-Morganton. She graduated with her PhD from Bryn Mawr College, where she researched low dimensional topology. She then traveled to Germany for a research position at the Max Planck Institute of Math, followed by a second postdoc at Princeton University. There, she began to develop courses where students could explore higher mathematics in unexpected and creative ways, regardless of their background. Her favorites included a course for Princeton freshmen on the mathematics behind circus acts, and a course on mathematics in the courtroom for incarcerated students earning their BA from Rutgers. Now, she is happy to be part of the NCSSM community where she enjoys sharing her love of mathematics, especially the aspects of her research that involve visualizing knots, surfaces, and 4-dimensional spaces! She spends her time outside of work sitting on her front porch, cooking, hiking, gardening, and exploring with her three beautiful dogs and partner Jason. 

BA, Mathematics, Occidental College

MA, Mathematics, Bryn Mawr College

Ph.D, Mathematics, Bryn Mawr College