Floyd Bullard

Floyd Bullard began teaching math at NCSSM in 1999.  He is very interested in statistics and probability models and enjoys introducing his students to non-classical approaches to data analysis.  He enjoys playing the piano and working crossword puzzles, though not at the same time. Floyd is a co-author of the fifth edition of the introductory text "Stats: Modeling the World." 

What is something you enjoy about teaching at NCSSM?

"I love engaging with students about mathematics.  They are excited to learn new things, and most of the time when they ask questions, I have to think hard to try to respond in a way that  I think clarifies things... because the questions are often profound.  I also appreciate how engaged they are with world issues."

Dr. Bullard's Math Fun Fact

"I love simulations.  I love playing Civilization--I have for 20 years--in part because the simulated landscapes always invite new stories.  I learned in college how simulations can help you estimate the consistency of a data set with a model.  In graduate school I learned how simulations can help you estimate the probabilities of different models, given a data set.  If I had all the time in the world I'd love to research how to use genetic algorithms--a form of simulation--to estimate those same probabilities.  Evolved ("posterior") model probabilities would be exciting."