Bryan Stutzman

Bryan Stutzman was one of the first graduates of NCSSM-Durham and returned in June 2022 to teach the first students of NCSSM-Morganton as an Instructor of Mathematics. Prior to that, he was a math and science teacher for 14 years at Woodlawn School in Davidson where he worked in a small team to form its upper school curriculum and experience. Among the classes he taught were precalculus, discrete mathematics, AP Calculus, physics, and AP Chemistry. After receiving his doctorate in operations research, Bryan wrote software for supply chain planning and modeling until he left the field to be a teaching assistant at his children's school. Through his career he has taught math from first grade to calculus. His son, Eli, is a 2012 graduate from NCSSM and his daughter, Claire, was one of his students at Woodlawn. He loves for his students to find connections in not only the sciences but also the humanities.elp connect students to the resources and support they need to reach their goals.