Beth Bumgardner

Beth Bumgardner first joined the NCSSM team in January of 2022 as Chair of Mathematics for the Morganton campus, and she is now excited to be stepping into the role of Dean of Mathematics for NCSSM.  Beth holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with focus in Urban Education and Mathematics Education.  She also holds a masters in Mathematics and a bachelors in Mathematics with a minor in Physical and Optical Science.  She began her career in 2009 in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNC Charlotte where she taught courses including Statistics for Business, Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Precalculus, Business Calculus, Calculus I and II for Science and Engineering, and Computer Exploration and Generation of Data.  Beth is an Associate Chair of the UNC System Math Pathways Task Force.  In addition, she led the efforts of the Statistics Pathway Team at UNC Charlotte to develop a project-based statistics course sequence and department-wide resources for students and instructors with the goal of improving student success and reducing the equity gap in introductory level statistics courses.  

Beth is excited to be a part of such a collaborative and supportive team at NCSSM and has worked with colleagues from Durham and Morganton to build out the Morganton mathematics curriculum and cultivate the Morganton campus community.  She has led and supported the founding math faculty of Morganton as they worked together to create a rigorous student-centered mathematics curriculum and a departmental culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and equity mindedness.  Beth has taught Calculus BC in the Online program while working towards the opening of the Morganton campus, and she has taught Data Science for the Morganton residential program.  In addition, Beth has worked with faculty and students to bring opportunities and campus-wide events such as the AMC12 and Pi Week to the Morganton campus. 

Beth looks forward to continuing to work with the students of NCSSM to build a community of learning, to encourage students to dream big, and to help connect students to the resources and support they need to reach their goals.  Beth is eager to expand collaborations with her colleagues to further develop the NCSSM mathematics community and the mathematics curriculum of our Durham, Morganton, and Online programs.


BA, Mathematics, Physical and Optical Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

MS, Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

PhD, Curriculum and Instruction for Urban Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte