Amber E. Smith 

Amber E. Smith is in her third year at NCSSM as an Instructor of Mathematics. She is originally from Durham County, but grew up in Pasquotank County, located in northeastern North Carolina. Ms. Smith attended NCSSM, and afterwards continued her education at North Carolina Central University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in mathematics education at N.C. State University. Prior to joining NCSSM, Ms. Smith was an Instructor of Mathematics at Vance-Granville Community College, as well as an Adjunct Instructor at Durham Technical Community College and Shaw University. At NCSSM, she has taught Precalculus and BC Calculus for the residential program, as well as Honors Discrete mathematics for Open Enrollment. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son and dogs, as well as other family members, dining out, and watching sci-fi movies/television series. 

What is something you enjoy about teaching at NCSSM?

"Something I enjoy about working at NCSSM is the collaboration and support I receive from my colleagues.  Everyone is always willing to help each other and work together to ensure we do what is best for the students.  I am surrounded by intelligent, talented, but best of all compassionate individuals, which is a welcomed changed."

Dr. Smith's Math Fun Fact

Did you know that most mathematical symbols weren’t invented until the 16th century? Before that, equations were written in words.