Nicholas Koberstein

Nicholas Koberstein joined the NCSSM mathematics department in August of 2018. Teaching AP Statistics and AP Calculus BC, he focuses on creating a safe and welcoming learning environment that puts students at the center of their education. If you walk into one of his classes, you will often find groups of students working together to solve problems or students presenting their work to the class and answering questions their classmates pose. He has also co-taught the Research in Mathematics Mini-Term course and co-presented about the mentoring experience at the Teaching Contemporary Mathematics conference, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) regional conference, and National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS) Professional Conference.

What is something you enjoy about teaching at NCSSM?

"I love teaching at NCSSM because of the questions student ask! I have found that students have a thirst for knowledge and are always wondering about the "why?". What makes this even better is I can often turn the question back to the class and after some time, the students will determine the answer!"

Mr. Koberstein's Math Fun Fact

Did you know that cicadas incubate underground for long periods of time before coming out to mate. Sometimes they spend 13 years underground, sometimes 17. Why? Both those intervals are prime numbers and biologists now believe cicadas adopted those life-cycles to minimize their contact with predators with more round numbered life-cycles.