Cheryl Gann

Cheryl Gann has been a member of the NCSSM mathematics department since 2005, recently transitioning to Mathematics Department Chair for the Durham campus. In her time here, she has taught a range of courses including Precalculus, Calculus, Biocalculus, Graph Theory, Advanced Combinatorics, Complex Systems & Networks, and Research in Mathematics. Cheryl also helped develop and teach the mathematics curriculum for the NCSSM Summer Bridge program. Her educational interests include mathematical modeling, cross-disciplinary learning opportunities, effective technology use in class activities, and outreach. She is interested in creating welcoming, inclusive learning communities in the classroom and across the school. Cheryl’s roles at NCSSM have included Faculty Senate President, Faculty Senate Vice President, Math Department Chair, Course Innovation Working Group member, Morganton Campus Core Planning Team member, and UNC Faculty Assembly representative. Cheryl holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Berry College, and a master's degree in mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What is something you enjoy about teaching at NCSSM?

"I really enjoy getting the opportunity to hear from my students, whether they are offering a suggestion or question about the class topic, sharing something that interests them, or giving their thoughts on an important issue. I have learned so much from my students and from my colleagues at NCSSM! "

Ms. Gann's Math Fun Fact

Graham's number is a famously huge number (much larger than a googolplex, for example) that once held a Guinness world record for the largest specific number to be used in a mathematical proof. It is so big, the universe does not contain enough stuff on which to write its digits. It is even too big to write as a tower of exponents. But we know Graham's number is an integer that is divisible by 3 and ends in a 7.